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Military Grade ‧ Pressure Sensing

Intrusion Detection System

New era home protection

   With top performance & appearance

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True Military Grade

D-Fence has been adopted in numerous critical facilities such as military camps, nuclear plants & airports in various countries across the globe.

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Blend in with the Design

Blend into the Luxurious

D-Fence 5 Applications.jpg

5 Applications For Different Needs

D-Pressure Strip (Small).jpg

1.  壓力帶型 D-Pressure Strip

Install at the top of fence wall, triggers alarm when intruder climbs over

D-Corative (Small).jpg

4.  圍欄型 D-Corative

Integrate with metal fence, triggers alarm when intruder climbs over

D-Glass (Small).jpg

2.  玻璃型 D-Glass

Install at the top of glass balustrade, triggers alarm when intruder climbs over

D-Floor (Small).jpg

5. 地面型 D-Floor

Install beneath floor surface, triggers alarm when stepping on the installed area

D-Taut Wire (Small).jpg

3.  張力網型 D-Taut Wire

Integrate with tension wires, triggers alarm when being climb, cut or destroy

Contact Us
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UCS Engineering Limited is the exclusive distributor of D-Fence in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and South East Asia.

Address:Unit 9 & 10, 12/F, North Tower, Concordia Plaza, No.1 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel+852 3586 3166



Date: 25th May 2022

It has come to our attention that the name of “UCS” and our contact information were used and mentioned in a website without our authorisation for sales and promotion purposes, falsely claiming payment of commission from us. We hereby clarify that UCS has never authorised any third party to set up websites for any kind of sales and promotion. People who suspect themselves have been victims of fraud or that their personal data been disclosed without their consent shall report the matter to their respective law enforcement agencies.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiry.

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