Manufactured in Israel

Military Grade ‧ Pressure Sensing

Intrusion Detection System

New era home protection

   With top performance & appearance

D-Taut Wire.jpg

True Military Grade

D-Fence has been adopted in numerous critical facilities such as military camps, nuclear plants & airports in various countries across the globe.

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Blend in with the Design

Blend into the Luxurious

D-Fence 5 Applications.jpg

5 Applications For Different Needs

D-Pressure Strip (Small).jpg

1.  壓力帶型 D-Pressure Strip

Install at the top of fence wall, triggers alarm when intruder climbs over

D-Corative (Small).jpg

4.  圍欄型 D-Corative

Integrate with metal fence, triggers alarm when intruder climbs over

D-Glass (Small).jpg

2.  玻璃型 D-Glass

Install at the top of glass balustrade, triggers alarm when intruder climbs over

D-Floor (Small).jpg

5. 地面型 D-Floor

Install beneath floor surface, triggers alarm when stepping on the installed area

D-Taut Wire (Small).jpg

3.  張力網型 D-Taut Wire

Integrate with tension wires, triggers alarm when being climb, cut or destroy

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